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Phone covers have been popular for years, but as handsets have been endowed with ever larger screens and squeezed into slimmer chassis, there are now even more reasons to invest in this essential accessory.
There are three main advantages to phone cover ownership, so if you have yet to buy one you might want to consider the benefits and perhaps plan to make this your next purchase.


First and foremost a phone cover provides protection for your handset, which is vital, given that most modern mobiles will be worth hundreds of pounds and could leave you with a hefty bill for repair or replacement in the event of an accident.

Smartphones are relatively fragile, with the plastic, metal and glass materials used in their construction being quite susceptible to scratches, abrasions, smashes and other damage.
Even the most basic phone cover will lessen the likelihood of everyday usage leaving your handset looking battle scarred.

This not only means that your phone will look good for longer, but keeping it in good condition with a phone cover will help retain its value so that you can sell your old handset when the time comes to upgrade.


The practical applications of phone covers go far beyond physical protection and can make phones much easier to use and take with you on a daily basis.
Some phone covers now come with integrated features that make it easier to mount or carry your handset and there are even covers which endow your phone with the ability to use capacitive wireless charging in combination with compatible mats.

This flexibility and convenience is going to be appealing to a wide variety of users, so if you are looking for a new way in which to use your mobile you should definitely check out the covers that are available for it.

Aesthetic Expression

Aside from all the practical and perhaps rather mundane reasons to buy a phone cover, the main motivation behind this purchase will be the opportunity to restyle your phone, giving it a whole new look.

Phone covers with fashionable designs, cool quirks and a variety of interesting composite materials can be purchased so that you can put your own personal stamp on the device.
With so many smartphones looking largely the same, it makes sense to invest in a peripheral that can add some zing to the visual style of your handset.

You can even find phone covers which can be personalised with your own pictures, so there are literally limitless opportunities for you to turn a functional accessory into something that looks and feels entirely bespoke.

From protecting your investment through to jazzing up your favourite portable companion, a phone cover will leave you with something that you are proud to pop in your pocket.

The wide variety of covers now available can make choosing tricky, but if you take a little time to compare the various options and do some browsing, you should get a good idea as to which cover will help in achieving your own particular objectives.